Today’s medical doctors get virtually ZERO nutrition instruction in medical school – a steep price to pay for most of their patients

One hundred years ago, in 1918, American doctors attended substandard medical schools and earned less than $2,500 on average per year. Morphine and heroin were all available over the counter at local corner drugstores. The best “medical” help you could find came from skilled mid-wives, herbalists, and American Indians. Most doctors made house calls regularly. Natural remedies were abundant, inexpensive, effective, and caused nearly zero side effects. What happened?

Physicians in America joined forces and formed an insidious racketeering alliance called the American Medical Association, and began labeling anyone who did not use chemicals for medicine as “quacks.” The incorporated AMA was a “prestigious” organization founded on only patentable lab-made concoctions, and there would be plenty of money to go around. The AMA quickly gained power in the United States and nutrition education was quickly removed from all medical schools (bar a few classes just for justification and bragging rights). Vitamins and minerals were no longer part of the “Western School of Medicine.”

The main focus of U.S. medicine would now become addressing only symptoms and pain relief, but never trying to cure or prevent anything. Come to find out, chemical medicine exacerbates sicknesses, so the AMA “Ponzi scheme” was a well-planned secretive cash machine for elite physicians who were tired of earning only a few thousand dollars a year.

Processed food and chemical medicine – the ultimate formula for cancer, heart disease, dementia, and diabetes

Mother Nature offers a natural remedy for nearly every sickness and disease on the planet, but the chronic ingestion of synthetics and chemical-laced food and medicines are so overwhelming and taxing to the human cleansing organs, that U.S. doctors knew, even back then, Americans were heading down a steep health decline that would drive them all to seek immediate relief and “hope” for a quick fix. Then came ultra-expensive surgeries, chemotherapy, vaccines, radiation, diagnostic testing, and experimental pharmaceuticals.

Why would any medical doctor even want to educate their patients about the power of clean food, herbs and tinctures as the cure for their ills, when the “new age” doctors could make small fortunes off consumer ignorance of those very facts? The AMA knew this, and whether every practicing physician or oncologist knew it was irrelevant, because nutrition education barely existed in medical school, so there would be no questions answered.

In 1985, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) found fewer than 30% of U.S. medical schools even offered the “required” nutrition courses

At the time, only a measly 21 hours of nutrition education (that’s 4 classes) was required in American medical colleges in order to get a degree to be a physician, yet somehow most colleges fell short of even offering that much. Most patients seek their physician’s guidance about diet, but doctors only listen for 10 seconds, and then start figuring out what chemical medications to prescribe for the related symptoms of pain, agony, suffering.

Most people, thanks to the internet, at least attempt to research remedies for their health ills before heading to allopathic quacks. They have the inclination that their problems are stemming from their eating habits, then they arrive at the quack office, and everything changes. They are introduced to what the Health Ranger termed years ago as “secret language codes” and a “virus of the mind.”

U.S. medical doctors are trained to convince their patients that all health problems are genetic and thus inherited: “Does (insert any disease or disorder here) run in the family?” The doctor goes on to tell them that the disease or disorder is incurable and can only be “managed” by medication and/or surgery.

The goal is for every patient to “own” their health problems and to never search for natural remedies, for there is no money in that for physicians or oncologists, plus, since the doctors know next to nothing about that field, why go there? Get it?

The “virus of the mind” is contagious, and symptoms include repeating the doctor’s language codes to friends and relatives. Any sales person will tell you that the number one way get more clients is through the power of referral. Keep people talking about their medications, their surgery, and their chemotherapy and they won’t go researching clean food, filtered water, medicinal mushrooms, indigenous cures, or superfoods. Yes, it’s that simple and that insidious.

Currently, all 133 U.S. medical schools only require 25 hours of nutrition education, and one third don’t even provide 12 hours

The state of nutrition education in America is grim for medical doctors, just as it was a century ago. Most medical schools don’t even come close to the recommendation for nutrition education that comes from the National Research Council. This is not because clean eating can’t fix the majority of health ills, but because the big money rolls in from diagnostic testing, chemical medicine and surgery. Period. The fact is that poor nutrition contributes to the development of nearly all chronic diseases, including several acute conditions.

Still, The AMA and the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) refuse to incorporate nutrition into the “blueprint” for medical competency. Most graduating medical students today rate their nutrition preparation and knowledge as inadequate. Some medical schools don’t even have an established contact person for nutrition education or disciplines. It’s unbelievable. The few nutrition classes that are given are hardly ever clinical, so there’s no practical “field” type application available.

Today’s medical doctors are nothing more than glorified drug dealers manipulated by Big Pharma bonuses and spiffs

Most M.D.s today are just puppets of the pharmaceutical industry. Most prescription drugs are a giant sham that only address symptoms and mask the underlying causes of disease and disorder, and it’s all based on teamwork! It’s a deep-seeded collusion by the FDA, the CDC, the AMA, and Big Pharma. Welcome to America, where there’s a pill for every kind of pain and social security money you’ll probably never see.

It’s time to say NO to the century-long scam of pills for processed food disease. Check out for natural remedies that are affordable and actually work.


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