High-dose zinc supplements found to speed recovery from colds and flu by 300%

A new study conducted at the University of Helsinki and published in Open Forum Infectious Diseases found that simple, low-cost zinc supplementation greatly speeds recovery from colds and influenza infections.

The study, authored by Harri Hemilä, James T. Fitzgerald, Edward J. Petrus and Ananda Prasad, pursued a meta-analysis tracking of the recovery progress in human patients given either zinc acetate lozenges or placebo. They found a 300% faster recovery time among those who took zinc lozenges containing 80 – 92 mg/day.

Notably, this zinc dosage is almost 10 times higher than the U.S. government’s recommended daily intake of just 11 mg/day for men or 8 mg/day for women; a dosing level intentionally set to ensure that zinc deficiencies persist across the population.

Achieving the accelerated recovery documented in this study requires three things:

  1. Using the high dose of zinc (80 – 92 mg/day) but no more than 100 mg/day.
  2. Using the right form of zinc. For this study, zinc acetate was used.
  3. Avoiding other ingredients that may bind with zinc ions, such as citric acid.

As Science Daily warns, “the findings of this meta-analysis should not be directly extrapolated to the wide variety of zinc lozenges on the current market.”

To help explain this finding while sharing some inspiration about healing nutrients that can prevent, treat and cure disease, I’ve recorded the following Health Ranger Science video from a state park in Texas:






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