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07/28/2018 / By Frances Bloomfield

Muscular dystrophy is a group of genetic diseases wherein the skeletal muscles weaken and break down over time. This condition

07/27/2018 / By Frances Bloomfield

Heart attacks, or acute myocardial infarctions, are among the leading causes of death, second only to cancer. Many of these

07/20/2018 / By Frances Bloomfield

Have you ever wondered how much sun you need to get your daily dose of vitamin D? What about if

07/20/2018 / By Frances Bloomfield

Could alfalfa concentrate help you meet your recommended daily intake (RDI) of various nutrients? According to a recent study, it

07/06/2018 / By Frances Bloomfield

Once deemed unhealthy due to being high in fat, nuts are now viewed as anything but. It’s these fats, along

06/26/2018 / By Frances Bloomfield

Whenever the word “cereals” is mentioned, we tend to think of the basics: oats, barley, and rye. However, one type of cereal that

06/05/2018 / By Frances Bloomfield

Your ability to fight off parasitic worms may be aided by your gut microbiota. This was the conclusion that researchers

04/25/2018 / By Frances Bloomfield

Adhering to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle has both benefits and drawbacks. One such drawback is the lack of reliable docosahexaenoic

04/03/2018 / By Frances Bloomfield

Prepackaged salads are a godsend for those of us who are too busy to prepare our own healthy meals. They

03/28/2018 / By Frances Bloomfield

Living in a sunnier climate greatly reduces your risk of multiple sclerosis (MS). Higher sun exposure during childhood and early